Safety Considerations

Workplace Health and Safety

A.H Peters Pty Ltd conducts risk assessments for tipping bodies covering risks applicable to their general use. However, the truck owner must also assess the risk specific to the operation of the truck and body under the owner’s work practices.

We quote safety equipment such as Cylinder Blocking System valves, access onto the body and ground level operation of tarps as extra cost options. These must be specified at the time of quoting.

Some items which should be considered:

  • Access onto the body for trucks equipped with cranes: the operator must climb onto the body to connect or disconnect the hook from the load
  • Access into high sided tippers: steps and grab rails up the outside of the body must be matched by ladder rungs and grab rails inside the body
  • Access onto bodies with drop sides: where the lowered side covers the fixed steps, a folding step can be fitted to the inside of the drop side so that it folds down when the side is lowered
  • Internal steps for tabletops and pantecs where frequent access onto the body is needed
  • Folding steps for pantecs to reduce the height of the steps
  • Tarps which can be operated from ground level
  • CBS valves on tippers to prevent a fall if a hose bursts
  • Water tanks for handwashing
  • Lashing points for trucks carrying mobile plant or loads with special restraint requirements (tippers carrying skid steer loaders need lashing points)


Towbar height and capacity must be determined before ordering your towbar. Typical heights are:

  • cars and small trucks – 450mm high 50mm towball
  • small and medium trucks – 550mm to 650mm high combination ball pintle hook or pintle hook
  • medium to large trucks – 720mm high pintle hook, Bartlett ball or Ringfeder

Towbars are fitted with a rating plate which specifies the capacity of the towbar with the hitch fitted when the towbar was made. Our standard ratings are 2 tonnes for 50mm ball hitches, 4.5t for combination ball/pintle hooks and 12t for pintle hooks. If the hitch is changed after delivery of the truck, the capacity of the towbar will be the lesser of the rated capacity and the hitch capacity.

Combination pintle hooks are limited to 4.5t load so are unsuitable for large trailers. For trucks which must tow a variety of trailers, two towbars can be fitted, one for pintle hook hitches and a light truck removable towball for small trailers. We have built towbars which have hitches which are interchangeable without tools and are rated at full hitch capacity.

Accessories which can be provided include:

  • electrical connections
  • 24-12V voltage reducers
  • electric brake connections
  • safety chain lugs
  • reversing buzzers

We do not supply trailer air brakes. Small trucks will need air compressors fitted for air trailer brakes.