Insulated Bodies

Arctic Hi-Tech insulated bodies are built from the latest high strength and most efficient panels available. All bodies are constructed to meet the highest Safe Food Australia standards.

From a single pallet to multi two pallet wide capacity, we can customise a design to your requirements. Our fully sealed bodies can be expected to last at least 10 years.

Standard fittings are two barn doors at the rear fitted with marine grade double lip seals, an internal light, steel sub-frame and rear frame, off-engine refrigeration for smaller bodies and diesel refrigerators for large ones.

We will fit any brand of refrigerator and match the design of the insulated body to the refrigerator specification.

Further options include:

  • Triple rear barn doors
  • Side doors with standard or recessed camlocks
  • Kemlite or aluminium scuff plates
  • Load bars
  • Curtains
  • Heavy duty floors for pallet trucks
  • Aluminium lined floors or aluminium wear strips for palletised goods

A.H Peters also builds trucks with an insulated body and curtain-sider body behind for delivering frozen and dry goods.