A.H Peters built its first tipping body in the 1920s and has been constantly developing and building tippers to meet customer requirements ever since. Our range of high strength, heavy duty steel tipping bodies are designed and built with the customer’s requirements in mind.

Heavy and Light Duty Tippers

A.H Peters has developed a range of bodies that can be customised to meet all possible requirements. Our Tipping bodies can be individually designed to provide the maximum vehicle allowed payload, top and side pivot tailgates and have fixed or drop sides. Our bodies have the strength of welded steel construction, underbody hoists for maximum cubic capacity and full height loading boards with rear view aperture for driver safety.

Chipper Tippers

Typically high-sided tippers with rear barn doors and removable solid canopies, A.H Peters has built chipper tippers with chassis-mounted crane and removable tarpaulin cover to allow large tree trunks to be loaded into the tipper.

We also make customised large underbody vented toolboxes for chainsaws or leaf blowers that these trucks usually carry.

Three Way Tippers

Typically used for rail line maintenance, landscaping supply deliveries in areas with limited access and dumping in congested areas, these trucks tip to either side as well as the rear of the vehicle.

Standard fittings include manual opening bottom pivoting sides with chains, a top pivoting tailgate and single point control of the body tip mode.

Optional Features

  • Side and top pivot tailgates to allow loading of machinery, branches or long objects
  • Fixed easy-clean sides for trucks carrying sand, gravel or soil
  • Drop sides to provide low loading heights or to allow loading by forklift (removable centre posts can also be added)
  • Heavy duty 5mm floors suitable for transporting machinery and to use in demolition work
  • Underbody hoists for light and medium trucks. Front or well-mount hoists for bodies over 5m long or on trucks with over 16,000kg GVM
  • Tarpaulins of various types to control dust nuisance
  • OH&S-compliant access steps for both fixed and drop side bodies
  • Underbody and front mounted toolboxes
  • Air assisted tailgate release on trucks with compressed air system fitted
  • Light body mounted cranes
  • Durable inside body paint finish to minimise corosion for trucks which carry leaf mulch
  • A.H. Peters can fit trucks with the towing equipment required by clients, with options such as pintle hook/combination ball pintle hook or towball and electric brake connections to meet individual towing needs.
  • Mounting the spare wheels on winched cradles in front of the tipping body to keep them out of the way for side tipping
  • Top and bottom pivoting side and tail gates to allow dumping away from the wheels. Chains to regulate the dumping can be fitted as required along with air release gates